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The best beaches of Mykonos

The best beaches of Mykonos

Is it possible to list the best beaches of Mykonos?
Crystal clear water and wonderful sceneries are everywhere on the island and it is really hard to say which places are the most fascinating ones.
For this reason, in this article I will not focus on the naturalistic beauty of the beaches, but on their ‘personalities’.


In Mykonos you can find different beaches. Some are super popular, others are wild. Some are suitable for water sports, others for parties. Some are perfect for families and others are nudist and gay friendly.

So, let’s discover them!


Paradise Beach

Paradise beach Mykonos

I have to start the list of the best beaches of Mykonos talking about Paradise Beach.
This is probably the most popular one.

Spending a day at Paradise Beach means drinking, listening to the music played at bars and attending to beach parties.

The parties usually start in the afternoon and go on until sunrise.


Paraga Beach

paraga beach mykonos

Paraga Beach is so close to Paradise Beach that you can reach it by foot.

It is well organized, with sunbeds, bars playing loud music and also a mini market.
Nudists are common, be prepared!
The scenery of Paraga is enriched by the profile of the island of Delos on the horizon.


Elia Beach

elia-beach Beach mykonos

If nudism doesn’t bother you, you should spend some time at Elia Beach.
This beach is the largest one on Mykonos and it is really beautiful.
It is partially considered a gay beach.

Panormos Beach

panormao beach mykonos

This is another beach on which nudism is quite common, at least on one half of the beach!

The other half is equipped with sunbeds and bars.

It’s a lovely beach, maybe a little too crowded.

Psarou Beach

Psarou beach Mykonos


If you are looking for the jet set experience, this is the beach you are looking for.
Psarou Beach is where you can meet international celebrities and probably it’s the reason why it is always crowded.
As you can immagine, it’s quite expensive. However, the scenery is great, both for the surrounding nature and for the anchored huge yachts.


Agios Stefanos

agios stefanos beach mykonos

Agios Stefanos is close to the new port, it means that you can easily see the ferries and the cruise ships coming and go. Some people like it, some people don’t.
However, this beach offers an unforgettable view during the sunset.
Moreover, is well organized, with restaurants and mini markets.

It’s perfect for families.

Platys Gialos

Platis Gialos Mykonos

Amon the best beach of Mykonos, Platys Gialos is one of the most popular, probably because it is close to several hotels.
This beach is perfect for families and couples. It is possible to relax, play water sports or take a water taxi and reach other beaches.


Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis beach Mykonos

Another beach in Mykonos that is popular among families and people who love water sports is Kalafatis Beach.
The best thing about this beach is that it’s not so touristy, it means that it is still less developed and very relaxing.
There are few hotels and restaurants.

Agios Sostis

agios sostis beach mykonos

If you are looking for a pristine beach, Agios Sostis is the right one.

It is on the northern part of Mykonos, far from the mass-tourism.

No crowds, no loud music, no facilities. At Agios Sostis you can truly enjoy the beauty of Mykonos.
Remember to take everything you need with you, from the umbrella to the food and the water.

It is considered a nudist-friendly beach.


Agia Anna

agia anna beach mykonos

There are two beaches in Mykonos named Agia Anna.
One is near Kalafatis. It’s a small sandy beach where you can enjoy a picturesque atmosphere, thanks to the the fishing port and the restaurants.
The other one is near Paraga. It’s a quiet and relaxing beach with large rocks.


This list of the best beaches of Mykonos is not exhaustive, but it can surely help you to choose where to spend the days (and nights) during your holiday on the island.

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Discovering the villages of Mykonos

Discovering the villages of Mykonos

Discovering the villages of Mykonos


The villages of Mykonos are lovely! Many tourists know this island mainly for the nightlife and the beautiful beaches, but there is more to see.

As I have already said in other articles, I think that a holiday is not really complete if you do not explore the place where you are, going outside the most popular tourist places for reaching those apparently less glamorous.


In the villages of Mykonos you can take a walk, eat in a typical tavern, get in touch with the inhabitants and discover the most authentic side of this island.


Mykonos Town


Obviously, the first village to visit is Mykonos Town, the island’s capital which the locals call Chora.

This town is enchanting especially because it is still quite authentic despite mass tourism.

The center is a pedestrian area with the typical maze of streets and white houses that you see in postcards. The Chora is perfect for daytime walks, taking pictures, shoppings but also for spending great evenings in restaurants and nightclubs.


Mykonos Town is particularly famous for the windmills and for Little Venice. This neighborhood is built on a sort of small peninsula and it resembles the Italian city of Venice, with colorful houses overlooking the sea. It’s a great place for taking pictures, especially on sunset.




Glastros is one of the villages of Mykonos to visit.

It is located near the airport and can be reached on foot from the Chora.

Thanks to its position, Glastros is a lively village, with hotels and clubs, and it is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the south of the island, such as Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Agios Ioannis Beach, Elia Beach, Paraga Beach, Ornos.


Ano Mera


Ano Mera is located almost in the center of Mykonos at a few km from the Chora.

Although small, Ano Mera is the second largest village on the island and one of the oldest.

Unlike Mykonos Town, Ano Mera is a quiet, very authentic place. Always touristy, but less hectic. It is the ideal place to visit if you want to discover the real daily life of the inhabitants.
Since it overlooks the water, it offers perfect scenarios for souvenir photos.


Ano Mera village is particularly famous for the monastery Panagia Tourliani.

The monastery was built in 1542 and restored in 1767. The whitewashed exterior, the colored dome, the marble fountain in the yard make the monastery look simple, quiet but impressive. Inside, take a look at the hanging incense holders decorated with silver dragons with red eggs in their mouth.



Drafaki is not exactly a villages of Mykonos, since it is considered part of Mykonos Town. Yet, it has its uniqueness and for this reason I talk about it as a separate place.

Visiting Drafaki means getting out of the most tourist areas of the Chora, without having to leave the city.

You can sit at a cafe, have dinner in a tavern, enjoy the view, the typical white buildings and take pictures without the crowds.




Tourlos is located about 2km north of Mykonos town.

Among all the villages of Mykonos, Tourlos is one of the most picturesque thanks to its port, the white houses, the flowers everywhere, the VIPs and its very well organized beach.

It is a sandy beach where you can swim and practice water sports. Once it was considered one of the quietest and least popular beaches on the island, but since the new port was built, things have changed a little.

However, the port, with the area dedicated to yachts, makes Tourlos the perfect base in Mykonos if you are planning a boating holiday.

One thing to do in Tourlos is visiting the Chapel of Saint George Spilianos, north of the port, built in the hollow of a rock.

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Island hopping from Mykonos to the other Cyclades

Island hopping from Mykonos to the other Cyclades

Island hopping from Mykonos to the other Cyclades


Island hopping from Mykonos to the other Cyclades is a good way to escape from the super crowded beaches and parties and explore the archipelago. The position of Mykonos makes easy to reach other destination thanks to the regular ferries that leave from the port.


Actually Mykonos has two ports. One is the Old Port at Mykonos town, usually used by small ferries and excursion boats. The other is the New Port, at about 2km from Mykonos Town. This port is larger, has more marinas and serves bigger ferries and cruise ships. When you decide to take a ferry to another island be sure about the port from which it leaves.


So, which are the island that are worth a visit during your stay in Mykonos? There are many, but in my opinion you should visit the following 3 first: Naxos, Ios and Paros.

Island hopping to Naxos


Hopping from Mykonos to Naxos takes about 1 hour and a half by ferry.


Since it’s the largest of the Cyclades, Naxos has many things to offer to its visitors.

Walking through the narrow streets of Naxos Town you can enjoy the greek atmosphere you usually see in photographs. Everything is so typical, with white houses, blue windows and doors, plants hanging from balconies, cafes and restaurants on the sea.


Naxos is mountainous and have gorgeous beaches. Laying on a sun bed or swimming in the crystal clear water is a great way to spend your day in Naxos. Moreover, the strong winds make the island perfect for those who love windsurf and kitesurf.

Among the beaches, the most famous is Agios Prokopios, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe!


The island is famous for its marble. While visiting the interior you will find some ancient gigantic marble statues called kouros.

The statues are near villages like Flerio and Apollonas, and are hidden by the vegetation. Ancient people decided to left them there because they got broken during the transportation to other destinations.


However, the true symbol of Naxos is Portara, an ancient marble door frame, part of an unfinished Apollo temple. Since it is located on a small promontory near the port, it is probably one of the first things you’ll see of Naxos. It’s perfect for taking pictures for your Instagram profile!


Island hopping to Ios

Despite being smaller than Naxos, Ios is an island in which you can spend more than one day.

This is due to the fact that it combines amazing nature with a great nightlife.


Ios is hilly and many beaches are accessible only by boat. Taking a boat tour is the best way to reach many of them in a single day and enjoy the island from another point of view. Moreover, boat tours usually have snorkeling equipment and many offers lunch on board. It’s a great experience!

Among the most popular beaches of Ios are Manganari Beach and Mylopotas Beach.


The hilly landscapes makes Ios perfect for those who love hiking. Many are the trails available.


A popular attraction of Ios is Homer’s Tomb, located on a hill in the northeast of the island.


It is said that in Ios there are 365 churches, one for every day of the year. Nobody has really counted them, however it’s quite easy to find a church to visit!


The Chora is filled with bars and clubs. They organize parties both during the day and the night. You can meet people from all around the world, dance, drink (responsibly) and have fun. Beach parties are also very popular.


Hopping from Mykonos to Ios takes about 2 hours by ferry.


Island hopping to Paros


Paros is located at about 3 hours by ferry from Mykonos.


This island has stunning landscape, lovely fishing villages and gorgeous beaches. In particular, the Golden Beach, Kolimbithres beach and Santa Maria beach are among the most famous ones.

The Golden Beach and Santa Maria Beach are appreciated by those who are into water sport thanks to the wind and the sport facilities. Kolimbithres Beach has huge smooth blocks of granite that rise up from the shallow clear water on which you can lay down and sunbath.


One spot in Paros that really fascinates me is the Butterfly Valley, 5km south of Parikia, Every summer the valley is covered with thousands of Jersey Tiger Moths, which have a black, white and red coat. This natural phenomenon is truly breathtaking.

Parikia is the capital of Paros and its main port. You can find cafes, restaurants and shops and the old town, with its narrow streets, is very picturesque.


One of the most popular attraction in Paros is the Byzantine Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, built in the 4th century and also known as the Church of a Hundred Doors.

A legend says that 99 doors have been already found in the Church and the 100th will be discovered when Constantinople (Istanbul) is returned to Greece again.



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The Typical Cuisine of Mykonos

The Typical Cuisine of Mykonos

The Typical Cuisine of Mykonos

Discovering something about the typical cuisine of Mykonos is a nice way to enjoy the planning of a potential summer trip to the island.

As for many other greek islands, the selection of products and dishes available in Mykonos is strongly linked to the healthy delicious Mediterranean diet that marks the country.

The Best Meze in Mykonos

Like the Spanish Tapas or the Venetian ‘cicchetto’, these small dishes are usually served to accompany ouzo and other alcoholic drinks.

They are tasty and easy to eat.

Some Meze are just local cheese. The famous Kopanisti isa slightly spicy creamy cheese from goat milk. Xinotyro is generally sour but the intensity of the taste depends on the maturing time – the longer, the stronger. Tirovolia is a soft cheese, with a shorter maturing time and a milder taste. It is often used for preparing pies.

Beside cheese, there are two other Meze that you should try.

The first one is Louza. It looks like dry cured ham and actually it is made from pork. The bit is left in the salt for 24 hours, then boiled, flavored and left in the sun to dry. The best way to enjoy Louza is cutting it into very thin slices.

The second one is Mostra. Do you know the Italian ‘bruschetta’? Well, Mykonos has its own version. Preparing a Mostra is pretty simple: a rusk is seasoned with Kopanisti cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and, sometimes, olives and capers. So simple but satisfying.

The Seafood in Mykonos

It’s clear that seafood has a special place in the traditional cuisine of Mykonos.
From the high-end restaurants to the simplest tavernas, the catch of the day is used to cook delicious dishes.

Fried anchovies, sautéed shrimps, grilled or stewed octopus are just some examples.

One catch that I find particularly interesting, not only for the taste, is the parrot fish.
The parrot fish is one of the few fish that can be completely eaten, I mean that it is roasted and served with all the intestine, which is edible of course. I once heard that this peculiarity is the reason behind a folk song: ‘Parrot fish I am, roast me and put me on your plate with a little oil and vinegar and as for my sh*t, eat that too’ (I found the correct lyrics on Greek Gastronomy Guide)

The Classic Greek Dishes

Greek food is so good!

Of course, in Mykonos you can taste many of the most typical greek dishes.

I just want to mention some of my favorites.

Greek dishes - Moussaka
Greek dishes – Moussaka

First of all, Moussaka and Pastitsio. Pastitsio is very closed to the Italian Lasagna, the main difference is the mix of spices that gives to Pastitsio its greek flavor.


Moussaka is made with potatoes, minced meat, béchamel sauce but the pasta is replace with eggplants.

Then, Gyroz. Immagine a fragrant pita bread wrapped around roasted pieces of meat and vegetables, seasoned with some fresh tzatziki, the greek sauce made with yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt and olive oil. Yummy!

For those with a Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry! The typical cuisine of Mykonos has desserts, confectionery and cookies too.

The most famous dessert is, of course, the greek Baklava. Pastry, chopped nuts and honey are mixed to create this super tasty calorie bomb! You can’t go to Greece and not try it! If you are worried about the diet, bring a box back home with you as a souvenir and share it with the family, at least.

However, one of the most traditional sweet products of Mykonos is the Amygdalota, the almond cookies. They look like little teardrop-shaped balls, covered with powdered sugar. They seems hard, but actually they are soft. It’s easy to find them in the bakeries throughout the island.  

I love Greek food! Maybe because it shares many ingredients and flavors with the Italian one. 

The typical cuisine of Mykonos is excellent and, of course, many are the dishes that you can discover once you’ll be there.

What I invite you to do is to meet the local people, talk to them and find out their most authentic food habits. This is the best way to deeply enjoy Mykonos.

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Culture and Parties are the Best Part of a Trip To Mykonos During Winter

Culture and Parties are the Best Part of a Trip To Mykonos During Winter

Culture and Parties are the Best Part of a Trip To Mykonos During Winter

Spending some time in Mykonos during winter can be a lovely experience. I know, the Cyclades islands recall sunny hot summer days, great beaches and sea views. However, winter can surprise you. I’m not saying to plan an entire holiday in Mykonos in November or December, but it can be a good destination for a weekend.

I think that wintertime traveling to Mykonos is actually becoming a trend, despite the fact that weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities and many tourist facilities are closed. How is it possible?

Well, first of all, the landscapes are still gorgeous even with clouds and rains. Moreover, Mykonos has its own cultural and historical heritage that summer time tourists sometimes forget to discover. Winter is a good moment to focus your attention on this less popular side of the island, with the benefit that all the museums, sites or natural attractions are more enjoyable without the typical summer crowd.


So, let’s see what to do in Mykonos during winter.




Yes, there are parties in winter too. People who live permanently on Mykonos wants to have fun too!

Of course, the winter parties are less sparkling than the summer ones. You won’t see VIPs or listen to international DJs, nor you will be surrounded by hundreds of foreign tourists.

These parties are for residents and they host great local bands or DJs. They usually take place only on weekends, between Thursday evening and Sunday night.



Aegean Maritime MuseumVisiting the Aegean Maritime Museum, Lena’s House and the Archeological Museum of Mykonos are a great idea to spend your time during your winter holidays on the island.

All of them are located in the Town of Mykonos.


The Aegean Maritime Museum is dedicated to the Greek maritime tradition throughout history. It’s small but perfect if you are interested in navigation, scale models of boats and artifacts.

The ticket costs about 4 euro and the visit takes about 30 minutes.

Lena’s House is close to the Aegean Maritime Museum but it is completely different.

It is an authentic 19th century middle-class Mykonian residence, which name comes from the last owner, Lena Skrivanou.

This residence shows the the traditional internal arrangement of space, with a living room and two bedrooms. All the furniture are the original ones. It’s lovely!

Visiting Lena’s House is like taking a leap into the past of Mykonos.


The Archeological Museum of Mykonos hosts various collections of ancient finds, like vessels, goldsmith artifacts, marble pieces and ceramics, ranging from the prehistoric to the late Hellenistic period.

The highlight is certainly the large vase with decorations telling the story of the Trojan horse.

Sometimes this little museum hosts temporary exhibitions.




Some of those beautiful white houses you usually see on postcards of Mykonos are still reachable during winter, since they are religious buildings.

In the Chora is the Paraportiani Church, the most photographed church on the island. Actually it isn’t a single church but 5, which construction took about 200 years, from mid 1400s to early 1600s.

Its raw architecture and the bright color make it an unmissable landmark to visit.


Another stunning religious building is the Panagia Tourliani Monastery, in the area of Ano Mera, not very close to the Chora.

Outside it looks as a white, solid but simple building. Inside, the wooden altar screen with all its decorations depicting New Testament scenes and the carved figures of the Apostles will surprise you.



If the weather is good enough, you can take some hikes or drives around the island even during winter.

The smaller towns will give you the chance to discover the most authentic atmosphere and lifestyle of Mykonos.

Moreover, beaches, windmills and panoramic spots may fascinates you also with stormy sea and cloudy sky. In fact, the best thing of traveling to Mykonos in winter is seeing the most popolar spots under a different light.


You can also take some time to go off the island, to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos.

The Island of Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole Aegean.

I really don’t know if during winter there are less boats that takes you from Mykonos Town to Delos. However, once there, walking through the ancient ruins is an amazing experience.
There is no other island on Earth that houses a similar number of monumental antiquities from the archaic, classical and Hellenistic periods. Delos is really a special place.


As you can see, Mykonos in winter has much to offer. And I have not even talked about the possibility of enjoying the local cuisine!

I’m sure you will be having a good time there.


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The beautiful islands near Santorini: Anafi, Naxos, Mykonos, Milos.

The beautiful islands near Santorini: Anafi, Naxos, Mykonos, Milos.

Who said that during your holiday in Santorini you have to spend the whole time on the island? With a short trip by boat or ferry you can reach other beautiful islands. Some of them are very popular, others no.

Consider Santorini as your headquarter and start discovering the rest of the Cyclades archipelago. Each island has something special to offer visitors.

But which ones you should add to your whish-to-visit list?

So here are 4 Greek islands near Santorini that are worth visiting.


islands near Santorini


Anafi is a small island close to Santorini, so the trip to get there is short and easy. This means it’s perfect for a day trip.

Anafi is not yet a popular tourist destination and it’s a good thing! You can enjoy its sandy beaches and the wild mountains without the crowd. Take advantage of it before things change!

Logically, don’t expect the comforts and facilities of mass tourism, not even in its Chora.

It’s a very quiet island.





islands near SantoriniNAXOS

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades.

There are different things that makes this island worth a visit.First, Naxos’s Chora is the place for shopping but also history and culture. For example you can visit the famous Portara, the ancient entrance into the island’s port.

Second, Naxos has great food. Try the famous Naxos Graviera, a gruyere-like cheese.Thirds, Naxos has lovely sandy beaches and tourist facilities that makes your stay at the seaside very comfortable.Fourth, the strong winds are perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

I could go on and on and on…

The trip from Santorini to axis takes about 2 hours by ferry.



islands near Santorini MYKONOS

I love Mykonos! I often talk about this island on My Rental Homes blog.

Mykonos is famous for the nightlife, the clubs, the DJs and the international jet set. Oh, and of course for its beautiful beaches!
A typical holiday in Mykonos includes sun bathing, excellent food and drinks and clubbing.
It’s the place to have fun from the morning to late night!

Mykonos is a popular tourist destination, it means that people are everywhere and prices are high. On the other hand, you can find luxury hotels, super fancy beach clubs and restaurants.
If you are in Santorini for your holidays I think that it is worth to spend a few days on Mykonos to enjoy its party-loving atmosphere.

The trip from Santorini to Mykonos takes about 2-2.5 hrs by ferry. There are also direct flights that take only 30 minutes.

In the blog you can find several articles on Mykonos.


islands near Santorini MILOS

In my opinion, Milos has some of the best beaches of the Aegean Sea and it is still not so popular among tourist.

Milos coastline has a variety of landscape. Sandy beaches with clear water, white rocky cliffs, quarries and stacks.

This fascinating nature is still intact despite the mining activity.

The eastern part is mountainous and less traveled by tourists. Some areas are prohibited if you do not have a jeep.

Milos is the place to relax. You can’t find huge tourist complex, crowded streets or VIPs.

It is as beautiful as the famous statue od Venus that was discovered on the island back in 1820.

You can spend 5 or 6 days in Milos, discovering all its beauty. The trips from Santorini takes about 5 hours by ferry.



The Cyclades archipelago consists of about 220 islands. It would be great to visit them all! Serifos, Folegandros, Andros, Ios, Kea…every island has something unique. Just chose the ones you prefer!

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