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There’s an old adagio saying that Italy is craftsmanship, creativity, drive for making. Above all this, we ought to add that taste and style which – everybody knows – are unmatched.

Take a bespoke suit. Italian tailors follow the silhouette of those who will wear it, foresee their taste, and add a little of their own interpretation. They select the best fabrics and realize their masterpieces with simple, ancient tools.

A little retouch, a small adjustment, and that suit will accompany you for a lifetime. And it will never be out of style.

With the same concept in mind, we’ve come up with My Tailor Made Holiday.

You make your wish, we’ll put our passion and know-how. Our style, if you will.

Italy, Greece, Spain… we’ve identified the most exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean just for you. We’ve looked for prestigious villas, luxury apartments, the most exclusive houses with swimming pool (you won’t find any that is as beautiful as ours).

This was the first step. We then decided to make it big.

We’re offering you the opportunity to customize your trip, your stay, your vacation according to what your wish really is.

From the airport transfer to guided tours, from wine tasting to personal villa chefs: let your imagination run free, and tell us what you desire to do during your vacation. Most importantly, give yourself no boundaries: short cruises, private tours, trial classes for any sport, food and wine tasting… our partners will be able to offer you countless activities and get them organized for you.

Relax: My Rental Homes is here for you, as well as some of the most beautiful accommodations in the world.

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