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Your vacation on the Mediterranean Sea

Perhaps our Italian blood has played its part, but when it came to face a difficult choice, we had no doubts at all.
The Mediterranean called fiercely for us, and we have chosen him.

The Mediterranean is one of the most desired seas in the world. The lands overlooking this splash of water have the most fascinating blend of landscapes, history, and culture you can imagine.

Beaches are endless, shimmering, special. Ports are always hospitable. Food is an experience that involves all five senses.

And when you venture into the backcountry, you'll discover cities of art, great capitals, villages that are incomparable historical gems. You'll discover hills, lakes, territories that are one of a kind.

Life flows on pleasingly, relaxed, serene. But when the evening comes, all the fun and partying you are looking for are always at hand.

From our destinations, you can see the most vibrant sunsets. From the luxury homes we rent out to you, can experience the most authentic atmospheres. Aboard our prestigious yachts, you can sail through the dreams of the Mediterranean.

My Rental Homes is your prestigious home in the most beautiful place in the world.