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My Rental Homes philosophy

My name is Guido. I was born in Italy 49 years ago.

My parents passed their enthusiasm for traveling onto me, meant as something that goes beyond the idea of simple "vacation" and more as a whole philosophy and lifestyle. I remember an unparalleled joy in discovering unexpected views and new cultures, in taking new roads every day.

I started my career as a hotel receptionist in Tuscany; I worked in Morocco and London, and I was the General Manager of a renowned hotel in Sorrento. All of these experiences have simply given a clearer direction to this passion of mine.

I created My Rental Homes in 2011 to give a tangible shape to my idea of hospitality: a mission that aspires to give my guests the best, always.

My is the word that encloses what is for me the perfect experience.

My because the world of traveling and good hospitality are my passion, my job, and my life

My because my colleagues and I are always available to you

My because my staff is polite and professional

My because I believe there is a fair price for every service

My because I visit each of the estates we rent out, and because I tell you about the real life of each destination on my blog

My because I believe your trip is a meaningful exchange between the two of us

My Team

a selected team onsite


Owner and Property Manager


Concierge and Property Manager Ibiza


Customer Care


Concierge Amalfi & Sorrento Coast


Concierge and Property Manager Mykonos


Web and Social Media Manager