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Discover Austria like never before by booking a luxury chalet with us. With our local representatives, who know the area like the back of their hands, we guarantee an authentic experience. We carefully inspect each property to maintain the highest standards. We also offer a variety of extra services to further customise your vacation, such as spa treatments, thrilling excursions with local guides, private car transfers, private chefs for delectable chalet meals, and much more. Put your trust in us as your local advisors, and enjoy an exceptional and memorable stay in a luxurious Austrian villa.

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Far beyond all expectations, the mountainous heart of Europe astonishes with its friendliness. Winter or summer, Austria's elegant high-altitude travel locations never cease to captivate.

Austria, a country surrounded by the majestic Tyrol mountains and its northern plains, enthrals visitors with its charming villages, vibrant cities, and breathtaking scenery. Every season offers a unique face in this realm of classical music.

In addition to enjoying the Tyrolean Alps, renting a luxurious chalet in Austria during the winter lets you experience the excitement of winter sports. The peaks become ideal trekking destinations come summertime. Resorts like Lech, St. Anton, and St. Christoph provide all you need for snowy mountain enthusiasts, with outstanding organisation and operation. These magnificent summits make for relaxing treks in the summer.

The core elements of any encounter are always the delectable food, friendly service, and leisurely pursuits, regardless of the season. Everything has the classic charm of tradition to enhance it.

And one thing is for sure: the best way to discover unique and private locations is by renting a luxurious chalet in Lech, a luxury chalet in St. Anton, or a chalet in St. Christoph.

Our opulent Austrian chalets for rent perfectly combine the elegance of contemporary comfort with the historic Alpine heritage to provide you with an experience that is simply unmatched. With accommodations that honour the historic architecture and customs of the area, you can experience the genuine ambience of the Austrian Alps while still making use of modern comforts and amenities. It is a meeting place for the past and present, where the cosiness of tradition embraces the pragmatism of the modern world, resulting in an experience that will captivate and satisfy you and leave you with priceless memories.

Your vacation in Austria can be fully customised with My Rental Homes. We provide an unmatched, customised service since we recognise how crucial it is to cater to each guest's unique needs. This flexibility guarantees a customised luxury experience that will surpass all expectations by enabling you to design a special stay according to your desires and requirements.

Don't miss the opportunity to book an unforgettable stay in the Austrian Alps. Allow the elegance of our opulent Austrian chalets to fascinate you.