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Our destinations in Austria

Don’t let the rocky mountains fool you: the heart of Europe is not as hard as one might expect... far from it, indeed! The most elegant high-altitude Austrian destinations are a surprise, regardless of whether you go there in winter or in summer.

If you’re a snow-capped mountains’ lover, Lech, St. Anton, and St. Cristoph offer everything you need, with an unrivaled degree of organization and functionality.

During the summer, these towering mountains turn into soothing vistas for your hiking delight.

Finally, during all seasons, the leitmotif is that of excellent cuisine, generous hospitality, and a lot of relaxing activities. Everything seasoned with the appeal of tradition.

One thing is certain: a luxury home in Lech, a prestigious chalet for rent in St. Anton, or an apartment in St. Cristoph, are the starting point for the discovering of exclusive destinations.

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