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Discover the most exclusive side of Greece by booking a luxury villa with My Rental Homes. Our local representatives, with in-depth knowledge of the area, will take you on an unforgettable journey. Each property undergoes regular checks to maintain our high standards. We offer a wide range of tailor-made services, from private car transfers to boat tours, from chef service directly in your villa to guided excursions, massages, SPA, yacht rental, reservations in the best restaurants, and food delivery. Rent with us and experience an authentic and personalised luxury holiday in Greece.

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Greece represents the heart of the Mediterranean, embodying the essence of union and hospitality that this splendid sea has always offered to men. The Greek islands have traditionally been home to kind and genuine people, resembling bits of rock sticking out of the azure water. Here, the beats slow down and the eyes unwind, contemplating the clear blue water and the traditional colours of the blue and white houses. The body finds rest on the soft sands, while appetite and thirst are satisfied, and the soul finds the dimension of relaxation.

When selecting a luxurious villa in Greece with a swimming pool, take your preferences and personality into account. Are you trying to unwind completely? A magnificent tale being considered amidst the rubble? Or the vibrancy of nightclubs and discos? No worries; there's an ideal island in Greece for you.

The free island of Mykonos has a special way of fusing relaxation with enjoyment. We all agree that Santorini has the most breathtaking sunsets in the Mediterranean. Paros is the island of wine, perfect for families, friends, and couples. The island of myth, Crete, is a place where the scenery shifts with every turn in the road. And then there's Corfu, the Mediterranean's greenest island, which is also lively and multicultural. Simply put, a single click can take you to the island of your dreams.

Greece, a country surrounded by a vast number of magnificent islands, each more beautiful than the last, offers countless opportunities to explore and enjoy some of the Mediterranean's top beach destinations. With a huge coastline of over 13,000 km, there is no end to the selection of heavenly stretches of endless white (or pink!) sands, lapped by turquoise waters, or private, idyllic beaches tucked within hidden coves.

It goes without saying that Greece has breathtaking beaches, but there are many more natural wonders around the nation. When on vacation in Greece, individuals who appreciate aesthetic beauty (which is all of us) will have no shortage of sites to explore and fall in love with, from the Samaria Gorge to the Mantinea wineries. Meanwhile, the endlessly charming whitewashed fishing villages of the Cyclades, with their narrow streets filled with friendly shuttered taverns and small fishing boats floating in their harbours, offer more sober but equally attractive environments to explore at leisure.

We are aware that understanding the range of preferences and requirements of each average traveller is crucial to providing our clients with the greatest selection of luxury villas in Greece. Because of this, our catalogue offers a wide range of beachfront villas, from the Aegean to the Ionian Sea, from the Cyclades to Crete. These villas range in style from traditional to chic, from private heated pools to exquisite swimming pools that are brimming with breathtaking views of the surrounding seas.

Choosing My Rental Homes to book a luxury villa in Greece offers a series of extraordinary advantages. Firstly, we have local representatives in all the destinations we manage, which means you can count on people who know the area intimately and can offer you authentic and valuable information about your holidays. Additionally, we inspect each property annually to ensure that it strictly meets our high quality standards.