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Our Destinations in Greece

Greece is “the Mediterranean”. Everything this splash of water has represented for mankind – togetherness, hospitality, nourishment – has materialized in the Greek Islands.

Rock patches in the middle of the sea, inhabited “since forever” by hospitable and true people. Life slows down in Greece, eyes rest in the deep blue of the water and in the traditional colors of the houses (white and azure), bodies can finally relax on sandy beaches, appetite and thirst are well gratified, and the mind can finally find its dimension.

When you choose where to rent your villa with swimming pool or your luxury apartment by the sea, be aware of your disposition and what you’re after. Are you looking for total relax? Contemplation in front of the remains of a grand history? The never-ending nightlife?

There’s Mykonos the free, the one that knows how to mix fun and calm in an unique way. One in your life you have to check the most beautiful sunset of the Mediterranean: they say it’s that of Santorini, and we completely agree. Paros is the island of wine, and everyone can live it as they like: couples, families, and groups of friends. Creta is the island of Myth, a crossroad of tourists whose landscapes change at every bend of the street.

And finally, there is Corfu, our latest discovery: the greenest island in the Mediterranean, one that is cosmopolitan and fun at the same time.

With Greece, the perfect island for your desires is just a click away.

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