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You all know Rome it is needless to say… the "eternal city", but once in a lifetime you need to be there. Emotions, deep feelings, nobody can explain to you what transmits the "Eternal City". You must see it, you have to be there at least once in your lifetime. Wherever you look you will breathe history and legend and we are not talking only of the "Coliseum" (Colosseo).

Rome is the capital of Italy and its largest city. It is located on the Tiber river (fiume Tevere), near the Mediterranean Sea. The Vatican City (a sovereign enclave), the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and the home of the Pope is also found in Rome and regardless of your religion it is worth to visit "San Pietro Basilica" (the church of St. Peter) in order to admire the fantastic and unique masterpieces of painting and sculpture.

In addition to this, do not forget thatyou are in Italy and If you want to taste the very original traditional roman cuisine we can suggest you to go to "Trastevere" the very heart of the old Rome (without considering the many other restaurants or taverns that you can find everywhere).

The city of Rome obviously offers a variety of hotels, but if you are looking for an independent, comfortable accommodationand you don’t want to be bound to the rules or timetables which are typical if you stay in a hotel, we can help you to find the perfect solution, as we can offer you a wide choice of luxury villas and apartments.

We offer you the opportunity to be there, to see all that there is to see, moreover we offer you a very comfortable and independent accommodation from which you can easily reach all major points of historical interest.

It is easy to get lost in Rome, but you will have our support everywhere at anytime…

Trust us… and you will live an unforgettable and unique experience.

It may or may not be the most beautiful fountain in Rome but the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) is without doubt the most famous and most spectacular fountain in Rome. It is known the world over as the fountain where Anita Ekberg had her night-time wading in Federico Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita." It is also famous as the setting for the popular romantic film "Three Coins a Fountain."

The Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater was begun by Vespasian, inaugurated by Titus in 80 A.D. and completed by Domitian. Located on marshy land between the Esquiline and Caelian Hills, it was the first permanent amphitheater to be built in Rome. It's monumental size and grandeur as well as its practical and efficient organization for producing spectacles and controlling the large crowds make it one of the great architectural monuments achieved by the ancient Romans.

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Suite Governo Vecchio

Roma - Rome, Rome, Italy
Bedrooms: 1 - Bathrooms: 1 - max guest: 4

4.00 2 Reviews

From € 86 to 212per night

Apartment Domitilla

Rome, Rome, Italy
Bedrooms: 1 - Bathrooms: 1 - max guest: 4

5.00 1 Reviews

Price on request

Casa Paola

Grottaferrata, Rome, Italy
Bedrooms: 2 - Bathrooms: 2 - max guest: 6

4.80 5 Reviews

From € 90 to 114per night

Casa Berenice

Roma, Rome, Italy
Bedrooms: 2 - Bathrooms: 2 - max guest: 7
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From € 266 to 423per night

Casa Ottavia

Roma, Rome, Italy
Bedrooms: 2 - Bathrooms: 2 - max guest: 6

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