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Our destinations in Switzerland

Swiss Alps need no introduction. Dizzying peaks, glaciers, inexhaustible ski slopes. The Matterhorn, with its iconic silhouette, watches over the valleys below.

Life in the mountains has a strong appeal, which touches the soul in many different ways. There is the adrenaline of winter sports, the calmness of summer pastures, the joy of small villages where traditions are kept as treasures.Garnish this cocktail with just the right amount of luxury, and you'll get an irresistible destination.

Rent a prestigious chalet in Verbier, or a luxury apartment in Zermatt, and let some of the most beautiful alpine landscapes fill your eyes ... and soul.

We ask you just one thing: do not think that Verbier and Zermatt are just winter destinations. These two luxury towns can change their skin, as with the arrival of summer the white mantle gives way to high-altitude pastures and endless paths for the hiker.

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