10 October 2017

The Authentic Santorini, part 2: The villages on the Caldera

I’ve already talked about the beauty of the two inland villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori. But Santorini is famous most of all for its spectacular caldera, […]
30 September 2017
agua blanca ibiza

The white water of Agua Blanca , Ibiza

Many people told me several times about a beautiful beach, Agua Blanca, in the north-east of Ibiza. I have recently been there and I must say […]
22 September 2017
valle delle ferriere

Trekking on the Amalfi Coast? discover Valle delle Ferriere

The area of ​​Amalfi and Sorrento is perfect not only for enjoying relaxing days on the beach but also for long and pleasant walks in the […]
15 September 2017
The authentic Santorini

The authentic Santorini, part 1: The villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori

I love Santorini! The breathtaking caldera, the wonderful beaches and sunsets and the nightlife made this island one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean […]
8 September 2017
conca del sogno

Relax and nature at Conca del Sogno Beach Club, Amalfi Coast

Conca del Sogno can be translated into something like Dream’s Hollow.  It’s quite a suggestive name for a beach club, isn’t it? But believe me when […]
23 August 2017
Day trip on a Fishing Boat in Mykonos

Day trip on a Fishing Boat in Mykonos

What’s better than a boat trip to discover the beauty and nature of Mykonos? My answer is ‘nothing’. I truly believe that it is always the […]
16 August 2017
woomoon ibiza

Looking for the real soul of Ibiza? The Woomoon Party is waiting for you

5 August 2017
Buddha bar - Santorini

Buddha-Bar opened in the breathtaking scenario of the Santorini Caldera

Santorini has now its own Buddha-Bar Beach experience. Even though I didn’t attend to the great  opening party that took place a few weeks ago, I […]
29 July 2017
Photo Exhibition on Sophia Loren by Raffaele Celentano

Looking for something to do In Sorrento? Visit the Photo Exhibition on Sophia Loren by Raffaele Celentano.

I usually write about beautiful beaches and villages, fancy restaurants or trendy beach clubs around the world, but this time I’m going to talk about something […]
22 July 2017
principote beach club

The Glamorous Principote Beach Club At Panormos Beach, Mykonos

I love Mykonos. And I love beach clubs. I’m one of those persons who enjoy the day-time more than the night-time. I like to go to […]
1 July 2017
Nammos Mykonos

The Luxury side of Mykonos: Nammos

If you are in Mykonos and you are looking for a glimpse of true luxury, well, I suggest you Nammos. Of course, you should be able […]
24 June 2017
nobu restaurant ibiza

A new opening in Ibiza: Nobu Restaurant

I usually write about places I’ve already been to. But this time I’m going to write about a place that is not open yet and where […]
17 June 2017

Ravello, the city of music – Italy

What about a trip to Ravello, named as “the City of Music”? Ravello is an enchanting small town with beautiful views on the sea and a […]
10 June 2017
Na xamena

Na Xamena: a hidden SPA in the wild north of Ibiza

In the north of Ibiza there’s a place which atmosphere is far far away from the energetic feeling typical of the rest of the island. No […]
3 June 2017
Sail along Sorrento Coast

Sail along Sorrento Coast and discover it under another point of view

Have you ever dreamt about being on one of those spectacular boats sailing across the blue sea, chasing adventures and discovering fascinating new places? Well, if […]
26 May 2017
sorrento enogastronomic tour

Discover the most authentic Sorrento with an enogastronomic tour

If you are having your holidays in Sorrento there is one activity that lets you discover all the authenticity of local people, culture and food. I’m […]
20 May 2017
Heart Ibiza

Cirque du Soleil and molecular cuisine at Heart, Ibiza.

The mix of good food and entertainment is a massive trend in Ibiza. Restaurants are becoming more and more places where people can live multisensory experiences […]
13 May 2017
Jackie O' Mykonos

Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant: the best entertainment in Mykonos

First of all, its design is original and polished, which is always a good starting point. Then, Jackie O’ has 3 different areas with different purposes: […]
6 May 2017

The spectacular hike up to the crater rim of Mount Vesuvius

How many people can say that they have been on the top of a volcano that caused one of the biggest disasters of the ancient world? […]
29 April 2017
lio restaurant ibiza

One night of glamour and entertainment at Lio Restaurant, Ibiza

If you are having your holidays in Ibiza and you are looking for a valiant alternative to the usual club, I suggest you to spend an […]
22 April 2017
pompeii and herculaneum

Live the ancient history in the lost city of Pompeii and Herculaneum

In 79 AD the Mount Vesuvius erupted and the massive amount of ash, molten stones and gas buried several Roman settlements that went forbidden until the […]
10 April 2017
Astra Club Mykonos

Stars and Music at Astra Club in Mykonos

Most of the reviews about Mykonos are related to beaches or clubs. After all, these are the two main reasons why people from all over the […]
5 April 2017

Ibiza – Red cliffs and tasty Paella: Welcome to the small Paradise of Sa Caleta

Es Bol Nou, known also as Sa Caleta, has become one of the most popular beaches of Ibiza. Its orange-red colored rocky sides, combined with the […]
30 March 2017
easter processions in sorrento

The evocative Easter processions in Sorrento – Italy

There are experiences that you can imagine to see only in movies or in your dreams, but if you come to Sorrento for Easter, you can […]
24 March 2017

Sorrento Coast – A meal at Relais Blu Restaurant and Boutique Hotel, where the scenario is the secret ingredient

2 or 3 times a year I give a special treat to me and my family: a lunch or a dinner at the restaurant of the […]
18 March 2017

Mykonos – The unspoiled nature of Fokos Beach and its must-try taverna

Mykonos is a wonderful place for a holiday, especially if your looking for fun: clubs, parties and nightlife, but Mykonos has much more to offer. The […]
13 March 2017
Destino Pacha Resort Ibiza

Good Sushi and Great Parties – Destino Pacha Resort – Ibiza

When it’s time eat sushi I’m quite hard to please. There are just a few restaurants where I can find good sushi and my favorite one […]
7 March 2017
Cetara and the good food

Amalfi Coast – Cetara ad the Good Food

You know, food is one of the most appreciated aspects of the Italian culture and if you are planning to travel across the Amalfi Coast, well, […]
2 March 2017
fiesta de la primavera Ibiza

Fiesta de la Primavera at Atzaró Ibiza

Fiesta de la Primavera on the 26th of March marks the season opening in Ibiza for 2017. This famous spring festival is organized by Atzaró, an […]
21 February 2017
Sunset bar at Elysium Gay Hotel

Sunset Bar at Elysium Gay Hotel – Mykonos

Everybody knows that Mykonos is a gay-friendly destination!  This little island is full of great bars, clubs and restaurants that are either aimed squarely at the […]
14 February 2017
path of gods

Amalfi Coast : The Hike of The Path of Gods

Some people like to spend their holidays relaxing, sunbathing, enjoying food and culture. Some other prefer to play sports or have more adventurous activities. The best […]
6 February 2017
Cala Benniras - Ibiza

The good vibes of the sunset at Cala Benniras – Ibiza

I’ve been different time to the beach of Cala Benirras, in the north of Ibiza, and every time I find it gorgeous, both for the picturesque […]
30 January 2017
Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant in Ftelia - Mykonos

Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant in Ftelia – Mykonos

Since opening a few years ago, Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant has become one of the coolest destinations in Mykonos. Set right on a small beach, just […]
20 January 2017
History and Beauty of Capri Island

History and Beauty of Capri Island

I spend great part of the year in Sorrento and I am lucky to have a so amazing Island as Capri so close. The magic Island […]
14 January 2017
Atrani and torre dello ziro

Amalfi Coast: Atrani and Torre dello Ziro

As I already told you before, the Amalfi Coast is an enchanting place to visit also during the low season: the mild temperatures and the no-tourist […]
9 January 2017
Kiki’s Tavern

Kiki’s Tavern in Agios Sostis – The Best Greek Tavern on Mykonos?

It is a “must” for me my family and my friends a visit to this place every time we are on the island and you do […]
4 January 2017
cala d'hort

Cala d’Hort and the Legends of Es Vedra

Ibiza has long been a popular sun and sand destination thanks to its many beautiful beaches. There’s an impressive total of twelve Blue Flag beaches on […]
28 December 2016
vietri sul mare

Vietri sul Mare and the Perfect Souvenir

One of the funniest parts of an holiday is shopping. It’s good to spend a few time checking shops, looking for the right souvenir, even if […]
20 December 2016
property of the month

Property of the month – The sea farmhouse in Sorrento

It is rare to find a so huge property that can accommodate big groups for weddings, events and family reunions. The Sea Farmhouse is a complex […]
16 December 2016
pristine beaches ibiza

The Pristine Beaches of Ibiza

For decades now, Ibiza has been known as a party destination, home to some of Europe’s best clubs. And while it’s still a clubbers paradise, the […]
13 December 2016
petros the pelican

Petros the Pelican, the Mascot of Mykonos

It always seemed a little funny to me that the mascot for the island of Mykonos is a Pelican, considering that these birds aren’t even found […]
10 December 2016
Medieval Festival Ibiza

Medieval Festival Ibiza – A tip for your spring holiday

Medieval Festival Ibiza If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza next spring I highly recommend you tie in your visit to include the second weekend of […]
7 December 2016
il buco restaurant sorrento coast

Restaurant Il Buco Sorrento

Sorrento is a very popular touristic destination from years, thanks to its marvelous sea, outstanding views that you can enjoy from there, without mentioning the renowned […]
5 December 2016

Hidden Treasures of the Amalfi Coast – Furore

If you’re planning to come to Italy for your Christmas Holiday and you don’t know if it is worthy to visit the Amalfi Coast during winter, […]
3 December 2016
Sapce Ibiza - my rental-homes

Space Ibiza, the End of an Era

In October 2016, a chapter was closed on a big part of Ibiza’s more recent history. One of the island’s largest, oldest and most famous nightclubs, […]
13 May 2016
love me ibiza

Some Secrets to Enjoy your Holiday with Love me Ibiza

This time, I’d like to spend few words about an important aspect that can make one’s holiday really special. The place you choose is basic of […]
10 March 2016
the spring party in ibiza

The spring party in Ibiza

The spring party in Ibiza takes place traditionally every first Sunday of spring and this is the event that marks the beginning of the new season […]
18 February 2016

Ling Ling of Hakkasan Mykonos

I wish to tell you something very special that I experienced in Mykonos last summer about the food. I love Greece and I love this island […]
23 January 2016
my rental homes

My Tips and Tricks to Book Your Holiday Home

With this post I want to dedicate a little time to an important topic with respect to purchases that you can do on the web and […]
22 January 2016

Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios beach club is located on a cape at the end of Paraga Beach, which is the perfect place for those who look for privacy or […]
8 January 2016
Ibiza family-friendly

Ibiza family-friendly

Ibiza is mostly known worldwide for the variety of attractions and fun that it offers. Discos, clubs, bars etc… but it is an optimal destination for […]
17 December 2015

New Year’s Eve In Ibiza

I really love Ibiza, in fact from a few years, I’m used to go there at least two, three times a year, even for a short […]
20 November 2015
amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast

Which of you has never heard about the magnificent Amalfi coast?  It is renowned worldwide, a real wonder with its stunning views and marvelous emerald sea. […]
10 November 2015
christmas in sorrento_my-rental-homes

Christmas in Sorrento

Sorrento, I do love this beautiful town where I live, situated at south of Naples. I love my town for its sea, the sunny weather, the […]
10 November 2015

Heart in Ibiza

The new creative experience of the “Adrià  brothers” inspired by the founder of “Cirque of Soleil” Guy Laliberté. For many people Ibiza means fun, leisure and […]
10 November 2015

“Agios Sostis” beach Mykonos

As passionate traveler I wish to share with you my personal experience in the wonderful Island of Mykonos, in the Aegean Sea. If you think about […]
6 November 2015

IT Ibiza

“IT”, Gennaro Esposito ibiza’s Restaurant in Marina of Botafoch Gennaro Esposito, that I well know, started very early to cook and learn the art of cooking, […]
6 November 2015

Coku Restaurant Sorrento

If you visit the Sorrento coast, you cannot miss the “Coku” restaurant and cocktail bar. A wonderful place located on the terrace of a historical hotel […]
6 November 2015


If you go to Mykonos, you cannot avoid to visit the island of Delos (unless you are not interested at all to culture and history). This […]