It is a “must” for me my family and my friends a visit to this place every time we are on the island and you do not have to miss this experience.

Once in a while, you come across a place that you immediately know is special. For me, that place on Mykonos is Kiki’s Tavern. It’s been called a hidden gem, a secret paradise, and a fabulous find by some of the reviewers on Trip Advisor who have it ranked within the top 5 best restaurants on the entire island, and I can understand why. Honestly for me it is not the best restaurant but of course the best Greek tavern in Mykonos. So, let me tell you why Kiki’s Tavern is such an amazing place.

Let’s start with the setting. Just steps away from Agios Sostis, one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos, this little restaurant is off the beaten track and a difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s located down an unassuming lane, but just follow the signs to Agios Sostis Beach and then follow your nose as the wonderful cooking aromas hit you.

From the tavern, you have direct views out to the sea and over the little inlet and beach, just below. The tables are set under a canopy of olive trees, giving a cosy and intimate setting that helps hide the tavern from the road above, but you’ll probably see a long line of people waiting to be seated before you see the tavern itself.

Yes, you will have a long wait for a table, even in the low season as Kiki’s Tavern is hugely popular. You cannot book a table but, what I love about waiting is that the owner brings you water and local wine to drink while you wait, and, when you have such a lovely view to admire, the wait really isn’t so bad! Be aware that Kiki’s does close at sundown though, so you’ll have to arrive in plenty of time to get seated and eat your meal.

And what about the food? It’s fabulous! The Greek salads are my favourite, simply amazing and all of the meats are barbecued for an exquisite Greek barbecue taste. They’re famous for their juicy pork steaks, but the chicken, fish and seafoods are wonderful too.

When you’re next holidaying on Mykonos, you must make sure to visit Kiki’s Tavern at Agios Sostis Beach for an authentic Greek tavern experience!


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