Mykonos Holy Spirit

Pentecost is one of the major festivities for the Greek Orthodox Church. This year it happens on May 27, Sunday, that means that together with the following Holy Spirit Day, the Greeks will have a long weekend of religious and non-religious celebrations.

The Holy Spirit Day is indeed a national holiday in the whole country and many people will escape from the cities to reach the islands and enjoy the beautiful Aegean sea.

In other words, the Holy Spirit Day is the beginning of the summer season 2018 and one of the most appreciated destination will be Mykonos.

I’m going to go there with with my family to have a first taste of summer.

If you too have planned a trip to the island, be prepared to see not only foreigners, but also a lot of people from Athens and the rest of Greece.

Actually, all Mykonos lovers will take advantage of this holiday to enjoy the first sunbathing sessions of the year, take some boat trips, discover the island’s latest news and, of course, take part in some parties.

I know that many clubs are organizing parties. For example I read that the famous DJ Dennis Ferrer will be playing at Cavo Paradiso.

Talking of famous people, during the Holy Spirit Day weekend Mykonos will host plenty of celebrities. You could have the chance to sit near a beautiful actress or a super rich sport man…who knows! Is it shallow? Yes, but let’s be sincere, this is entertainment too.

Anyway, the best thing of Mykonos during this weekend is that it will be packed but not as much as in summer. That’s fantastic, since we all can enjoy its beauty and its festive atmosphere without the typical inconveniences of the high season.
Moreover, accommodation are still available at the low season prices!

I can’t wait to go there! Finally summer is coming and I’m sure Mykonos has a lot to offer this year. I’ll probably talk about it in this blog during the next months. Stay tuned.

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