Path of Lemons

Finally spring has come and the trekking season is officially open!

Here in the Amalfi Coast there is one of the most beautiful trekking path of whole Italy. I’m talking about the Path of Lemons, Sentiero dei Limoni.

The Path of Lemons is what’s left of the old mule track that connected the villages of the Amalfi coast before the construction of the route SS 163.

It clings along the ridges of the hills, directly above the sea and, as the name clearly suggests, lemon trees are all around.

The path of the Lemons connects Maiori with the nearby Minori, passing through the picturesque village of Torre.

I think that the best starting point is Maiori. From Piazzale Campo you can follow Via Vena and pass the lovely church of Santa Maria a Mare with its dome covered with green and yellow majolica tiles.

Once outside the town, you will find yourself surrounded by the silence, the colors and the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation: terracing of olive trees, vines and, of course, lemons.

Walking in such a relaxing background is so regenerating! And it doesn’t take too long to reach the hamlet of Torre.

Torre is a bunch of houses with the beautiful church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to the 10th century. You will be surprised to know that this small village was accessible only by foot and the first cars were able to reach it only in 2014! I think that Torre may be the right place if you want to run away from the hurry of the modern lifestyle and find some quiet.

The good news is that from Torre to Minori the Path of Lemons is mostly downhill.

The panorama is still the typical of the Amalfi coast: white houses, lemon groves, vines, courtyards and breathtaking sea views.

A panoramic point you cannot miss is the belvedere of the “mortella” (myrtle). From there you can have a fantastic view on Minori, its impressive Basilica and the bell tower, the beach, Torre Paradiso, but also Ravello, the mountains of Scala and Agerola and, in the distance, Amalfi and Atrani.

Another few steps and you reach the historic center of Minori.

Despite being a seaside village, Minori is the city of pasta. In other words is the place to have lunch, believe me!

Once in Minori you can choose to stop and go back, or continue up to Ravello. In this case the Path of Lemons is uphill, but it’s worth it.

Maiori and Minori are small treasures off the most touristic track, while Ravello is certainly more famous. The reason is simple: it’s beautiful! Richard Wagner, Mirò, Virginia Woolf are just some of the famous people who fell in love with that town and decided to live there for a while. You must absolutely visit Villa Rufolo, with its terrace overlooking the sea (I should talk about it in another article).

The whole Path of Lemons is an easy walk, suitable for everyone, even for small children. Just remember that there are many steps and it is good to pay a little attention.

There are fountains, benches and places to stop all along the way.

And if you’re afraid of getting lost, don’t worry: the whole path is marked with decorated ceramic plaques that tell where you are and where to go.


The Amalfi Coast is a lovely place for your holiday!

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