Stars and Music at Astra Club in Mykonos

Most of the reviews about Mykonos are related to beaches or clubs. After all, these are the two main reasons why people from all over the world come to this fantastic island.

Among all the clubs, the one I consider the best is Astra.

Astra opened in Mykonos Town in far 1987 and it is still loved both by tourists and locals.

Despite the small size, this lounge and dance bar has a very elegant atmosphere due to its design, created by the world-renowned jeweler Minas. Astra is located in an super white Aegean-style cottage with an exclusive terrace overlooking the street. But the feature for which the club is most popular is its ceiling. Thanks to an optical fiber system, the ceiling depicts the northern hemisphere’s night sky! I must say that it’s nice to have a drink and sometimes take a look up at the ceiling and watch all the constellation pulsing along with the great music played by the dj.

If you consider that most nightclubs in Mykonos are popular for their exteriors and gardens and not for their interiors, this amazing ceiling is something that makes Astra very unique.

The chicness of this club lures an eclectic crowd, especially celebrities and high society. I go there quite often and I can tell you that it is quite easy to have a drink just a few meters away from actors, rock legends, models, sportsmen or European aristocrats.

As you can immagine, it’s not the kind of big commercial club that people choose for a crazy night of fun. Astra is the perfect place if you want to taste a little bit of the jet-set lifestyle. It could be just a happy hour with friends or a last champagne flute with your mate before the sunrise.

Is it worthy to go to Astra? Yes of course! Not only because it is the right place to see and be seen, but also because this historical club is a party institution in Mykonos, and you have to go there if you really want to be part of the most glittering entertainment of the island.

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