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Why My?

My is the word that encloses my meaning of a perfect vacation

My name is Guido, I’m 45 years old, I’m Italian, married, with two marvelous sons.
Since I was a child, my parents, with their continuous transfers, transmitted me the enthusiasm for travels, primarily joyful but also cognitive, in order to discover untouched lands and diverse cultures.
I turned into a passion that enthusiasm, for what it is since 1999 my job too.
I started working with reception in a Hotel in Tuscany, continuing my job experience in Morocco and London, before returning to Italy and end my career as General Manager in a famous and historic Hotel located on the Sorrento Coast, where I still live.
In 2011 I created “Rentals in Italy” owner of “My Rental Homes” and it gave me the opportunity to better express my concept of hospitality.
My job, my experience taught me that it’s never enough what I can do for you and in order to give my best I decided to recommend what is to me the right situation for every single guest . Considering my many experiences, first as a traveler and then by insider.

Hence my engagement to transfer the concept of "My" that you summarize in the following 10 points:

"My" because I have my passion in what I do

"My" because I’m your friend on site

"My" because my friends must pay what is right

"My" because I myself visit and choose personally all the properties I manage

"My" because in each destination there is one office with a person who will assist you for everything

"My" because I dedicate my life among all the destinations I manage in order to offer you all the best

"My" because my staff is made of hospitality professionals

"My" because in all my blogs I tell you all my real experiences as a real tourist

"My" because what I do for you is how you did for me

"My" because it is my philosophy of "good living"