The best beaches in Majorca


Most of the new destinations of My Rental Homes are located in Italy, but one of them is located in Spain. It’s the marvelous island of Majorca.

Majorca is the largest island in the Balearics. These islands are famous for their nightlife, attractions, events, itineraries and the beautiful panorama you can discover both on their coastlines and their interiors.

Ibiza, Formentera, Minorca and Majorca are all popular tourist destination.

In particular, Majorca is famous for its rocky and sandy beaches, surrounded by limestone cliffs, and its crystalline light blue sea. You can spend the whole day sunbathing, snorkeling, relaxing, and playing aquatic sports.

But among all the beaches, which are the best? I asked the question to someone who knows well the wonderful Maiorca, and here is the answer.




Beaches in Majorca1) Playa Es Trenc

It is one of the most famous beaches in Majorca.

Its fine white sand and the shallow water make it a suitable place also for families with children.

There are no hills behind Playa Es Trenc. It means that you have a view on a wide open panorama.



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Beaches in Majorca2) Cala Agulla

Since 1991 this beach is part of the natural reserve. For this reason there aren’t almost any tourist settlements and the landscape is still pristine.

The beach of Cala Agulla is surrounded by mountains and pine trees, and the sea has a vibrant sparkling light blue color.



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Beaches in Majorca3) Playa d’Alcudia

Playa d’Alcudia is the largest beach in Majorca and, probably, in the whole Balearic Islands.

A fine white sand, a calm and shallow sea, and large pine forest are its main features.

But Playa d’Alcudia is one of the best beaches in Majorca not only for its beautiful nature. In fact, you can find many leisure facilities. In other words this beach is perfect for enjoying your free time playing sports or other activities.


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Beaches in Majorca4) Portal Vells

Portal Vells is a small sandy beach.

Its beauty is similar to that of the other beaches, but its strong point is that it is particularly popular among locals and families.




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Beaches in Majorca5) Cala Llamp

Cala Llamp is different. It’s a rocky beach surrounded by rocky cliffs.

It’s a rough place!

Luckily the sea water is calm and enjoyable. In particular, it’s lovely to splash around in the natural rock pools here and there. And the clear water is perfect for snorkeling.

There are no facilities other than those at a beach club nearby.


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Beaches in Majorca6) Cala Torta

Cala Torta is a remote and undeveloped beach. That means that it is fantastic if you are looking for a less touristic place.

It’s not so easy to reach it. It takes about 25-30 minutes on a bumpy road, but once you are there you find an almost desert beach with the always lovely crystal clear sea of Majorca.


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Beaches in Majorca7) Cala Portals Nous

Cala Portals Nous is more like a urban beach.

It’s a long sandy beach close to the beautiful harbor of Puerto Portals.

Due to its location, this beach is very popular with residents and is also well equipped with facilities. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, there are showers and even some very nice restaurants.




These are just some of the most beautiful beaches of Majorca and there are many other places that are worth a visit.
Since Majorca is one of our new destination we are still discovering its treasures. I will keep you updated as we discover all of them.



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