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The perfect holiday home and with us you'll never walk alone!

My Rental Homes offers exclusive luxury villas and apartments located in Italy, on the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, Naples, Capri Island and Rome. Not only that, among our destinations we also offer a vast choice of luxury accommodations in Spain, Thailand and Greece too.

In particular we have selected luxury villas and houses on the Island of Ibiza (with regard to Spain) and for what concerns Greece on the Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, which have been top destinations for years. Our destination in Thailand is Koh Samui.
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You can live a unique experience enjoying a wonderful view, while breathing the scent of citrus fruits from the terrace of one of My Sorrento villas and holiday houses we rent.

What about the Amalfi coast holiday villas? Also there as described above, we can offer you a wide choice of accommodation from where you can relax by a swimming pool admiring the wonderful sea or an unforgettable sunset.

Apart from Italy, as already mentioned, You can "lose yourself" pleasantly by spending your holiday in one of the fantastic Ibiza villas, or you can plan a romantic break in the magic atmosphere of one of My Mykonos villa collection finely renovated.

So to speak, in one of My Mykonos villas, characterized by their distinctive bright white, you can enjoy the colors of the Aegean Sea, one of the most beautiful in the worldand the same you can do in Santorini, another gem of that part of the world. On the other hand you will feel like the rulers of the nightlife in one of My Ibiza accommodation.

Furthermore, for those who love art, history, culture and are keen on the charm of big cities, we offer several opportunities in Rome, the “Eternal city” and Naples that can be the starting point towards so many interesting sites to visit. I wish to underline that all My villas and homes are carefully inspected and selected by experienced staff who choose only those with the best value for money and it is worth repeating that we can suggest you several options, according to your needs, mainly luxury villas or flats, but, in case, cheap accommodations too.

My staff consists of skilled people used to work in the tourism and hospitality industry. We take care of every detail and do our best to make you feel at home and totally satisfied.

When you arrive to your destination you will always find someone of my team ready to welcome you and wherever you choose to stay, you will find on-the-spot assistance in order to help you for any request.

We will assist you from the moment you choose your destination till the end of your holiday by taking care of all your needs.
We work for you, thanks to you, but first of all we work as if we were to choose the holiday for ourselves. The customer service is our strength and in addition to this, we know well each of our destinations, which makes the difference.
As a consequence, if you have any queries about your holiday or if you’re simply looking for suggestions then get in touch with My experts’ team.

We will be glad to listen to you and give you our support.

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