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Yacht Charter in Italy Spain and Greece

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We have been working for a few years in the travel industry and specifically in the holiday home sector.
Based on our experience, due to the fact that we mainly manage destinations near the sea, we have decided to launch a new section dedicated to the luxury yacht charter.
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We frequently receive requests from our clients for daily boat trips that we regularly organize for their satisfaction and this is why we have decided to offer the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience on luxury motor yachts.
Our agency is based in Italy, this means in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, that enclosed as it is among three different continents offers an infinity of opportunities for unforgettable cruises.

Our aim is to give the possibility to the most demanding customers to live a memorable experience aboard a luxury boat, either for a day trip or a mini cruise to one of the many destinations in the Mediterranean Sea such as:
The enchanting Amalfi coast, Capri with its famous Faraglioni and the Blue Grotto, Ponza, Sardinia, Sicily, in Italy; the Balearic Islands, in Spain; the Cyclades and other Greek islands of the beautiful Aegean Sea but not only, in Greece.

Thanks to our experience and quality of our customer service we are able to offer you different solutions and satisfy any of your requests.
You will have so many options, on our luxury and comfortable motor yachts, suitable for any occasion: party boat, daily excursions, transfers, overnight, short cruises and so on.
This is what we offer, with a highly qualified staff on board for a unique and magical experience.

Discover our exclusive selection of luxury yachts and choose the one that more suits your needs, get on board, sail and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea that offers a unique mix of culture, history, wonderful landscapes and crystal blue waters…dreams are made to be fulfilled!

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