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4 Adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza that doesn’t include water

4 Adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza that doesn’t include water

Some time ago I wrote two articles on the adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza. But what if you don’t like water sport but you still want some thrill?

There is so much to do in Ibiza and even those who don’t want to spend the whole day at the beach can find something exciting to do.

Here are a few ideas about adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza that doesn’t include water.


1) Parasailing


I know, parasailing involves a boat and probably you get wet while doing it, but it is an activity that is more related to air than to water. That’s why I added it to this list.


Flying high through the air, watching the island from an uncommon point of view is fantastic!
In Ibiza there are different companies offering parasailing experiences. Each one has its own peculiarities. For example, some of them organize 1-2 hours boat excursions for groups including music and drinks to enjoy the time while waiting for your turn to fly. A photographer will take pictures of you while you’re up in the sky and you are given a GoPro to make your own video. Pictures and video aren’t for free.

If you can, try parasailing at the sunset. The light and the panorama are unbelievably beautiful.


2) Buggy and Quad Bike


Among the adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza there are the buggy and quad bike excursions.

It’s like being on a roller coaster, but you’re the driver and you can decide where to go.


Most of the available vehicles are automatic and easy to drive.
An excursion usually last a couple of hours, during which you’ll pass through forests, small villages, beach and cliffs. It’s a different way to discover the island.

Usually the price of buggy and quad bike excursions includes the gasoline, an insurance and the helmet, a guide and one drink or snack.


3) Hot Air Baloon Flights


Flying on a hot air ballon is a magical experience.
First of all, there isn’t any noise. No engine will disturb your experience. Then, the ballon moves slowly, giving you the time to enjoy everything. Intimacy and calmness are the main features of this experience, but the most unforgettable things arre the stunning landscapes and coastline down below. 


Usually, a hot air balloon can fit 4 to 6 people, it depends on their weight.

Most of the flights I know take place in the early morning, when the wind is less strong. The launch site may change depending on the wind direction of the day, and the flight last about 1 hour.


I suggest you to find a company that organizes hot air balloon flight at dawn.


4) Slingshot Ride


A slingshot ride lasts only a few minutes, but in my opinion it is the most adrenaline activity to do not only in Ibiza, but almost everywhere!

When you enter the cart you don’t know what’s going to happen. Yes, you might have seen some videos on YouTube, but they are just videos!
You feel that they’re pulling back the cart and suddenly you’re flying up to the sky. The acceleration is so strong that some people get panicked or faint!

I consider a slingshot ride one of those activities to try with your loved one. You know, strong experiences strengthen ties.


Which of these 4 adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza are you going to try this summe

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4 Adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza part 2

4 Adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza part 2

4 Adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza part 2


There are different adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza and I’ve already talked about those that takes place above the sea level.
Those are really energetic activities such as jet boating, jet skiing, fly boarding and cliff diving.

But what about the adrenaline activities that can be done below the sea surface?


The sea of Ibiza is wonderfully clear and full of life and it is one of the main reason why this island is so loved by tourists from all around the world.
During a holiday you should fully enjoy the beautiful rugged coast, the hidden shores and the crystal clear water. Even if you are not into activities that involve high speed, jumping or flying.


Here are 3 adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza that take you under the sea.

Let’s discover them.


1) Seabobbing

Adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza Seabobbing ibiza



Seabobbing is one of those adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza that you probably haven’t tried yet. It’s fantastic!

The seabob is a sort of scooter that works beneath the surface of the sea. All you have to do is grab it, use the controls and your weight to move it up and down, right and left.

It’s easy to handle and it doesn’t require long training.


Slipping on the sea at high or low speed, diving and swimming as fast as a dolphin, watching all the sea creatures around is such an unforgettable experience!

Seabobbing is fun just by itself, but it can also enrich your snorkeling, apnea or scuba diving activities.







2) Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving ibiza


This is a classic!
Scuba diving is one of those activity that will never go out of fashion.

Nothing can compare the magnificence of gently floating under the sea, completely immersed, with meters of water above your head. You can discover the sea bottom, the caves, the reefs, watch the sea life and feel like you are part of it.


Scuba diving is not an easy or low cost sport. You need to be trained, you need a wetsuit, a tank and other stuff to enjoy it. However, in Ibiza there are companies that offers scuba diving experiences suitable for beginners, with trainers that will teach you how to properly breathe with tank and tube and all the safety precautions you should take.







3) Snorkeling

snorkeling ibiza



If swimming in the deep sea while breathing with a tank seems too much for you, snorkeling is a good alternative.

Way easier and cheaper than scuba diving, snorkeling is for sure one of the most popular activities to do in Ibiza.

All you need to do is just swim along the sea surface while looking down below you.

If you aren’t a good swimmer and you are afraid of deep sea, you can wear a life jacket to help you floating. If you are braver you can just go deep underwater as long as you can hold your breath.

As you can see, snorkeling is perfect for everyone because no special skills or training are required.

The thing I like most about snorkeling is that everything happens gently and silently. So, why did I put it into my list of adrenaline activities to do in Ibiza? Well, because the contact with the underwater nature can be very intense. I know, it is not as thrilling as spinning on the sea with a jet ski but it can be touching and exciting.


In Ibiza you can easily find companies that organized snorkeling excursions in the best spots of the island!


4) Freediving

Freedivingn ibiza




Freediving is like snorkeling but more thrilling because you go deeper, you stay underwater for longer and you don’t have a tank with you.


In Ibiza you can choose freediving excursions for experts, courses for beginners that last a couple of days, or even simply short experiences to give you a taste of what freediving is.

The trainers will teach you everything you need to know about safety, breathing and breath-hold techniques, then they will take you to some lovely hidden cove, where the sea is calm, to let you try this fantastic experience of deep contact with the sea.








Have you ever tried any of these adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza? Which one is you favorite?



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4 Adrenaline Water Activities to do in Ibiza part 1

4 Adrenaline Water Activities to do in Ibiza part 1

4 Adrenaline Water Activities to do in Ibiza part 1


Not everyone who decide to spend their holidays in Ibiza are looking for a relaxing experience or clubbing. Some of us prefer to live adventures and feel the thrill of something slightly dangerous.

Fortunately, the island is well equipped for any kind of tourist!

For those who love the sea, here are some fun adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza.


1) Cliff Diving

cliff diving ibiza

The most typical adrenaline water activity to do in Ibiza is certainly cliff diving.

The sensation of walking to the edge of a rock, watch the blue sea below and finally jump into it is incomparable.

Taking the leap is not as easy as you can immagine. However, this activity can be done in group and this makes it easier.

Cliff diving is suitable for everyone, even people with disabilities.

The rugged coast of Ibiza is perfect for it. There are spots where jumping is easier and others where it is more difficult.

The jump always takes place in safety, with qualified instructors who supervise the situation.

Obviously, if you change your mind and don’t want to jump, you don’t have to!


Cliff diving is beautiful because it allows you to discover magical places on the island.
It is often possible to combine cliff diving with snorkeling, stand up paddle and picnic. It depends on the organizer.

2)  Flyboarding

Flyboarding Ibiza

If one of your dream is to fly, well, fly boarding is your adrenaline water activity to do in Ibiza.

You can choose among different companies that organize this kind of experience and usually the price includes a minimum insurance.


You don’t need any experience, and a qualified instructor will teach you how to safely use the board. The basics are easy to master in a short time.

If you are already an expert you will surely find an instructor that will teach you some tricks and acrobatics.

A ride usually lasts 20 minutes. You are strapped to the board which is connected to the boat by a flexible water hose that creates a jet of water so powerful to lift you up into the sky.


Fly boarding is real fun and it is good to practice it by yourself or with friends. Lots of laughters are guaranteed.



3) Jet Skiing

jetskiing ibiza

Jet skiing is one of the most classical adrenaline water activities to do in Ibiza.
Shuffling on crystal-clear water, making evolutions in safety and observing the indented coastline from the sea will give you unforgettable memories.


There are many companies offering this type of activity. An instructor will explain you how the scooter works and the rules you have to followed to enjoy this experience in safety.
Usually, the controls of the jet ski are simple so it doesn’t take you much to learn how to drive.


Everyone can try jet skiing and you can enjoy it by yourself or with friends.


4) Jet Boating

Jet Boarding Ibiza

If you love speed, but aren’t interested in driving a water mean of transportation, I think you will appreciate jet boating.

All you have to do is sit down on a high speed boat that will literally fly over the wonderful sea of Ibiza, getting close to the rocks that form the rugged coastline of the island, spinning around and jumping.

Jet boating is terrifying, but in a good way!

It’s definitely a group activity and it’s not uncommon that perfect strangers that shared this experience became friends…at least for the time of the holiday!

Even if it may look quite dangerous, jet boating is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.


Which water adrenaline activity to do in Ibiza is your favorite? Are you gonna try one of these this year?


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Ibiza In Autumn: The Ibiza Sabor Food Festival

Ibiza In Autumn: The Ibiza Sabor Food Festival

Ibiza In Autumn:

The Ibiza Sabor Food Festival


Ibiza in Autumn may not seem very interesting: clubs are closed, as many shops and restaurants, and sunbathing at the beach is non more an option to spend your time. However, Ibiza has a mild climate throughout the year and exploring the island without the mass of tourists can be an experience.

Besides its beautiful landscapes, Ibiza in Autumn can be a surprise especially for those who loves food and are aiming to discover something more about the local gastronomy.



From the 15th of October to the 2nd of December 2018, the Ibiza Sabor Food Festival is taking place.

As the organizers say in the official website, the festival wants to help spreading the quality and culinary value of the local brands.

Different restaurants, dislocated throughout the island, are joining this event, during which people can taste local foods, such as fresh fish and vegetables, oils, honeys, wines and liqueurs, almonds, carobs and the sobrassada sausage. All these ingredients are used for both traditional dishes and innovative variants.

The best thing is that you can enjoy great food for a good price. Every restaurants has its own page on the official website, in which you can find the menu and how much it costs. Many of them have three-course menus, tasting menus or mixed tapas menus for about € 25 per person.

Others offer tapas and drink for about € 7.

You are free to decide which location and menu are the best for you.


Whether or not planning to attend the Festival, I think you should know something more about the Ibiza local gastronomy.

So, what is worth to eat in Ibiza? Which are the typical dishes?

There are many, but I want to suggest you at least 4 of them.

One, and probably the most famous, is the already mentioned sobrassada.

Sobrassada is a sausage made from ground pork, paprika and other spices.

People eat it alone, as an appetizer, for example spread on some bread, or use it as an ingredient for other dishes.

Zarzuela de Mariscos, is a seafood stew. Mussels, scallops, crabs, prawns, squids and fishes are cooked in a broth flavored with lemon juice, bay leaf and saffron.

If you prefer meat stew, you’ll like Sofrit Pagés.

Its ingredients are chicken, lamb, sobrassada and botifarra (another kind of sausage) with vegetables like potatoes, artichokes and peppers.

However, I think that the most traditional meat dish in Ibiza is Arroz de Matanzas. Rice, meat, saffron, and mushroom are cooked in a broth. Every family has its own recipe.


Attending the Ibiza Sabor Food Festival is not only sitting in a lovely restaurant and eat.

It also includes collateral events, such as book presentations, visits to wineries, wine and oil tastings, competitions, tours, fairs and workshops.

These events will make your experience much richer, allowing you to discover local traditions that summer tourists usually miss, since they are more interested in beaches and clubs.

Just remember that many of these Foodie Events require pre-booking on the dedicated webpage.

Ibiza can be an interesting destination for a short trip even in Autumn or Winter and the Ibiza Sabor Food Festival is certainly something that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

For any other information visit the official website. Maybe we will meet in one of the restaurants!

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Clubs in Ibiza : 4 Opening Parties – May 2018

Clubs in Ibiza : 4 Opening Parties – May 2018



It’s time for opening parties in Ibiza! After the long winter break finally the island is going to give us a hint about the next summer 2018.

From May, old clubs reopen their doors and new clubs start their own adventure. Moreover, each club often offers more opening parties to honor all the events they set up for their season.

I went over the online calendars with a fine tooth comb and I finally chose 4 unmissable opening parties in Ibiza.

Here they are.


Clubs ibiza


The opening party for the Ibiza’s most iconic nightclub will take place on May 12th.

Amnesia started its activity back in the 70s and reached popularity during the 90s. But did you know that its building was built at the end of the 18th century? Doesn’t it sound great to dance in such a historic place?

This year Amnesia schedules many events. We already know some of them, but others are completely new. I can’t wait to find out what they have prepared for the 44th year of activity.

Regarding its opening party, Amnesia offers two entertainment areas, the terrace and the club room, and hosts DJs like Luciano, Emanuel Satie, Luca Donzelli, DJ EZ, Hannah WantsDisciples, Caal, Les Schmitz.

Tickets cost € 30.00.





Clubs ibiza


Pacha has already kicked off its season on May 4th, but it scheduled a series of opening parties that will end on Saturday May 19th. These parties will host DJs like Seth Troxler, Dixon, Fatboy Slim, Solomun.

This nightclub is incredible. With its 5 different areas it can make anyone happy.

Do you want to dance to the rhythm of the best house music? Go to the Main Room.

Are you looking for something more refined? The Funky Room is the right place.

Do you want to relax? The Terrace with its lounge music is perfect.

Do you want to try new things? Enjoy the Global Room.

Another date to remind is May 30th, with the premiere of the Cocoon party at Pacha (no longer at Amnesia).

The price of tickets depends on the event you want to attend to.






Clubs IbizaHI IBIZA

Rising from the ashes of the historic Space club, Hi Ibiza is preparing its opening party on May 26th, hosting Black Coffee, one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene.

I read that last year the club opened its season with a party that lasted 16 hours, during which 17 djs played without any pause! We will see what they have prepared this year…

This “new” club replaced Space without causing regrets. It also won good reviews from the clubbers.

We can say that it is one of the best clubs in Ibiza, and it’s worth a visit, especially if you like electronic music.


Tickets for the opening party for Hi Ibiza cost € 50.00.







club IbizaEDEN

Founded in 1999 and refurbished in 2013, Eden is the club for those who love techno, house and electronic music.

The opening party for Eden is on Wednesday May 23rd. It will be all about techno music by Terminal 4.

Eden defines itself as one of the greatest clubs in Ibiza, but I think it has encountered some difficulties during the last few years, sometimes collecting not-so-positive reviews.

I decided to include it in this short list of unmissable opening parties because I’m curious to know if the management will be able to confirm the highest clubbers’ expectations or not. We’ll see…






The opening parties are just the beginning. Ibiza has many surprises for you! If you are looking for exclusive accommodation, discover our accommodations proposals  on the island.


News from Ibiza: Cocoon is mooving to Pacha

News from Ibiza: Cocoon is mooving to Pacha

Cocoon Ibiza 2018

The Italian winter is still going on, but I’m already thinking of the next summer.

For those who love Ibiza like me, there is an unbelievable news: Cocoon moves to Pacha.

Let’s make a brief summary for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Cocoon has been an historic party that took place at Amnesia, a club which is a reference point for techno music.

Every Monday, for 18 years, DJ Sven Väth brought great DJs, launched new artists and drove thousands of party lovers crazy.

The club itself is part of the success of Cocoon. Amnesia is not only one of the best clubs in Ibiza, but one of the best in the world! The artists, the techno and house music, the animation and the entertainment are of the highest level, always. And its terrace is gorgeous – you can continue to dance while the sun start to rise.

cocoon ibiza


Now, after such a long time, Cocoon is taking up residence at another iconic club of Ibiza, Pacha.



Pacha is a great club too, but unlike Amnesia its last years were marked out by a sort of mainstream invasion (think about David Guetta and Flower Power). Good stuff, for sure. But talking about techno music, Pacha has not been able to set up with any particularly successful event.

However, during this winter Pacha was closed and the management apparently decided not only to renovate the interiors but also the event calendar, grabbing the Cocoon party by Sven Väth.

The reason for this change is not clear, Sven himself wrote in a post on Facebook that “change is the only constant”.

I can’t tell if this change marks the beginning of a new era for Ibiza, or the beginning of the end, as many are already saying.
In any case, if you are in Ibiza next summer, you can discover it for yourself.
The Cocoon party will take place every Wednesday, starting from the inauguration party on May 30th to the closing party on October 3rd 2018.
Just remember that it no longer takes place at Amnesia, but at Pacha.

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